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02 August 2007

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25 July 2007

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20 July 2007

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About the enterprise

«Sibspark Ltd.» is an innovation scientific-production enterprise aimed at the development and introduction of its own developments in the field of microarc oxidation.

The company was established in 1993 by Mamayev Anatolii Ivanovich, who is, at present, a professor and Doctor of Chemical Sciences, an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and an author of 300 scientific works, monographs, and 23 patents of the Russian Federation.

Mamayev A. I., 2001 год
Mamayev A. I., 2001 year

At the initial stage, the company was engaged in manufacturing and selling the «Corund» installations installations to produce protection coatings on parts made from aluminium alloys. Twenty technological units for a small-batch production have been introduced at the plants of textile and cable industries in Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Ukraine and Tadjikistan. At the same time, the staff did nor limit themselves to narrow practical tasks, they developed new trends and presented their candidate and doctor dissertations. There appeared technologies of producing MAO coatings on titanium, magnesium, circonium as well as new types of coatings: decorative, bioactive, thermal resistant, corrosion resistant, etc.

Introduction of new developments was restrained by the absence of growth in the Russian industry in 1990ies. The real purchasers were only Chinese Institutes and organizations, where we delivered several «Corund» intallations. At the end of 1990ies it was decided that the company should develop its own production and offer services in the application of MAO coatings to plants in Tomsk, which needed the coatings but did not have means to purchase the equipment or technology. The first customer was Tomsk manometer plant to treat some parts of manometers. The plant replaced bronze as a component material by aluminium with a MAO coating and, as a result, obtained high wear resistance of the teeth surface and economy due to the replacement of bronze by lighter and cheaper aluminium.

Photo of one of the Departments
Treatment of manometer's parts

The monthly plan was up to 50,000 parts, with the total number of the coated components exceeding 2.2 mln. With the revival of industry there appeared new customers among the plants in Tomsk and the Siberian region. At present the company renders services in producing MAO coatings to twenty large and small enterprises, among them recognized leaders in their fields such as the closed joint-stock-companies «Elesi» and «TomZel», the scientific-production company «Micran», which make high demands to the quality of their products. The company also carries out single individual orders. e.g. treating of laser components for the High Current Electronics Institute of the SB RAS, the titanium parts of measuring instruments for Bashkortostan. The unique experience of the staff combining their scientific results with practical introduction allows finding the right approach to each problem and, often, solving a task, which is insoluble by the conventional methods of treating metals.

The growth of the amount of work on rendering services in the production of coatings increases annually by no less than 70%. In this connection, in autumn 2006 the production of the company was expanded. At present, the facilities allow treating a surface area of 50 m2 a day. We are also planning further modernization of the production.

The demand for MAO equipment is also growing. Introduction of microarc oxidation technologies has been kept back until now by the fact that it has not been well-known and the MAO production lines have not been brought into commercial practice. Now the situation is changing. There are more institutions interested in studying the MAO process. In 2006 the company introduced the first commercial MAO line in Russia to produce decorative coatings on aluminium goods.Customers are offered any variant of equipment delivery-from individual parts to a complete set.

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