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02 August 2007

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25 July 2007

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20 July 2007

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«Sibspark» Ltd. renders a wide range of services in the field of microarc oxidation:

Treatment of Parts

At present the most common services to enterprises are those of treatment of batches of parts. It eliminates any risk for a customer related to introduction of new technologies, saves time and money, and in the case of small or single orders, is the only possible variant. The period of time between the moment placing an order with the company and that of the beginning of treatment of commercial batches, is minimum.

Schedule of increasing the number of regular customers
Schedule of increasing the number of regular customers

Annual increase in the production of MAO coatings makes up 70-100 % at the expense of increasing orders on the part of regular customers and attracting new clients.

Preparation of a feasibility study

We have a lot of experience in working with customers on the preparation of a feasibility study to introduce MAO technology.

These services can include calculations of the compensation terms, estimation of the cost of a product, reports on marketing and comparative characteristics of various technologies. If necessary, it is possible to carry out joint design work to introduce MAO technology.

Joint Participation projects

«Sibspark» Ltd. takes part in projects on scientific development in the field of MAO on various themes. Joint work is also carried out within the framework of the project launched by enterprises on the development and introduction of new technologies and business projects including international ones.

In 2005 the company shared a grant with the Cardiology Research Institute, TSC SB RAS Tomsk, awarded by the Tomsk Oblast administration on research work into the theme - «Development of bioactive coatings for cardiology» (order of the head of the Tomsk oblast administration (governor) Ν 429 22.07.2005 «On the results of the competition in scientific developments in 2005»). In 2005-2006 the company participated in the business project on establishing a new production in the town of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarskii Krai, within the framework of the international program «Development of Russian towns with atomic power stations».

Joint work with institutes and universities is in progress, e.g. Tomsk polytechnic university, Seversk state technical academy.

Development of design plans and specifications

On the delivery of MAO equipment an individual package of the necessary design plans and specifications are supplied to the customer. We also offer an individual development of the design plans and specifications for MAO equipment, facilities for loading and unloading products (suspension supports) and other necessary components and mechanisms.

Development of design plans and specifications
Development of design plans and specifications

Patent and information services

There is a set of full descriptions of USSR author's certificates and RF patents, a set of USA patents since1944 and European patents on the theme of microarc oxidation.

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